World-Wide Reputation of Excellence

We’re grateful every day for our customers who continue to love their Turner equipment. Together we’ve been able to build some of the best milking parlors in the world. Our dealers and producers both agree that we’ve been able to create the best milking parlor designs and if someone was planning a milking center, Turner should be their first call.

Here’s what some of our customers have said

I sell Turner Parlor Stalls because they are durable, long-lasting and maintenance free. They are bullet-proof and are the benchmark for the rest of the industry.”

– Jamie Jeanquart, Co-owner Total Dairy Service, LLC, Kewaunee, WI

We knew as soon as we decided to remodel that we would use Turner Parlor Stalls. They were able to convert our double-24 herringbone parlor into a double-35 parallel with only 11 hours of downtime. They really are the best option, period.”

– Levi Schilder, Manager, Coleman Dairy, Gooding, ID