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At Turner we pride ourselves on our reputation of delivering the toughest, most durable stalls available. For more than 35 years, our family has been dedicated to designing innovative solutions for milking parlors. From stalls to splash guards, we’ve got your cows covered from head to tail.

As a dairy farm family, we know how challenging dairying can be. That’s why we are dedicated to delivering worry-free parlors that can easily be customized to any farm’s needs. Our unique bolt-together design allows maximum strength and durability. It also provides the flexibility to customize your parlor to your barn.

We design and build all of our stalls, cabinets, splash guards, and other equipment at our facility in Gooding, ID. Our products all use heavier-gauged steel than other products and are hot-dipped galvanized for added durability. When you install a Turner Parlor Stall, you can be confident that it’s the only stall you’ll need to install.

With Turner, you can be sure that your milking parlor is going to be built tough enough for generations!

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