Turner’s Specialty Barns

Turners pride themselves on the years of experience of manufacturing custom parlors to fit your unique situation.  We have many different options available and are willing to custom make anything that you may need.  Many of unique features of Turner Stalls have been ideas or needs of Dairymen like you.

Low Profile Stalls

Low Profile Stalls

In many remodel situations, we have run into low ceiling heights which won’t allow room enough for a typical vertical lift stall.  With vertical lift systems, you can also install Turner stalls in a parlor with narrow cow platforms as tight as 7 1/2 feet.

Turners have many different options available for this situation.  Ceiling Troughs | Low Profile Stalls | Drop Rails | Cable Lifts and more…

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Turners Ceiling Troughs


With Turners Ceiling Troughs you cut into your trusses, raise your trough into the ceiling, and support your trusses with the Lift Posts.  Doing this gives you the necessary height to exit your cow under the stalls.

Stalls in the UP and EXIT position. Raised into the trough.



Stalls in the UP and EXIT position.  Raised into the trough.




Turner Herringbone vertical lift (by use of cable lift), with air powered indexing, and stainless steel slant back splash shields.  Turners used the Cable Lift option because of the low ceiling height.

Turner Herringbone Vertical Lift

Turners Jersey stalls are not only changed on stall centers but we actually size the entire stall to fit the size of a Jersey.

Turners Jersey Stalls