Parts & Accessories

All of the traditional issues with aluminum air cylinders have been addressed and overcome.  Easily taken apart for rebuilding | Self lubricating increases longevity | Can be rebuilt in minutes in place.  Turners Air Cylinders are designed and Fabricated by Turners, constructed of UHMW plastic and Anodized Aluminum.  4″ & 5″ Cylinders are available.  Rebuilding Turners Cylinders are quick, simple, and very inexpensive.

Turners Air Cylinders

Turner Custom CIP Cabinets are built to your Specifications.  Made to accept any Liner or jetter cups.  Any size, any shape, any look!

Turner Custom CIP Cabinets   Turner Custom CIP Cabinets

Claw Hangers are made of 10 Gauge Stainless Steel.  With the different designs to accept and fit any claw.  Turners also offers an adapter that simply bolts onto Boumatic Flow Star, eliminating their weak blue hangers.

Claw Hangers

Meter Brackets custom made to fit your meters, and are also made of Stainless Steel.

Meter Brackets

Manual Detachers are available installed in our Cabinets or in a self contained Stainless Steel box which are simple and easy to install.

Manual Detachers

Turners offers Custom Stainless Steel ladders.  Custom built to fit your barn.

Custom Stainless Steel ladders   Custom Stainless Steel ladders

Turner Holding Pen Vertical Lift Gates are built of heavy 4 x 6 Tubing Trussed by using heavy 2 x 2 tubing, and then sheeted with 10 Gauge Stainless Steel.  Lifted by Turners Air Cylinders, and the slides are thick nylon rollers and wear plates which are rebuildable and replaceable.


Gate in Down Position

Gate in Down Position

Gate in Up Position

Gate in Up Position

Inner Construction of Gate.  Heavy 4 x 6 tubing, trussed with heavy 2 x 2 tubing.

Inner Construction of Gate