2013 Customer List

Here is the list of our past customers.  Take a look, there might be one in your area.  And please ask them their opinion on Turner Stalls.  The company with the longest warranties in the business.

Hill Side Dairy
Fallon, NV
DBL 30 Parallel Front Conv.
Standard Stalls

Conestoga Agri Service
DBL 6 exp. 10
Standard Stalls Cabinets-AFI

M&P Dairy
Jerome, ID
DBL 20 exp. 30

Jack Verbree Dairy
DBL 18 front Replacement
Wendell ID

San JoanQuin Dairy Equip.
Tulare, CA
DBL 28 Standard Stalls

Brown Dairy Eqiupment
DBL 16 Std. stalls AFI Cab.
DBL 10 Standard Stalls
DBL 18 Standard Stalls
DBL 12 Individual Release
DBL 8 exp. 12 Individual Rel.
DBL 10 Individual Release
DBL 18 Standard Stalls
DBL 25 WFS Norbco Conv.
DBL 36 Delaval Conv.

Desting Farm
Single 5
Individual Indexing Stalls
Marshfield WI

Misna Dairy Supply
DBL 10 Individual Release
CIP Cabinets Sparta, WI

Altman Equipment
DBL 20 add on to 30 stand.
DBL 20 45” Herringbone
DBL 24 29” Standard Parallel
DBL 30 Delaval Conversion
Americus Georgia

Orange Dairy Service
Single 12 Parabone 30”
DBL 14 Low Profile Parallel
DBL 12 Parabone 30”
Sunnyside, WA

Milfos International Ltd.
2 DBL 50 Standard stalls
With cabinets New Zealand
Installed in CHINA

Don Heida Dairy
DBL 24 front replacement
Individual Indexing
Kuna ID

Norwell Dairy Systems
DBL 8 standard stalls

Mondovi Dairy Systems
West Salem, WI
DBL 2 add on parallel

Sioux Dairy Equip.
DBL 20 standard stalls

Inbody Inc.
Sandusky MI
DBL 12 Standard Stalls

Ellesmere UK
Woolrow Farm
DBL 20 Front conversion
Individual Indexing

Dairy Specialist
Greeley CO
DBL 12 Herringbone
DBL 30 Individual Release
Single 15 Individual Release
2– DBL 14 herringbones

Borges Dairy
Stockton CA
DBL 16 Individual Release

Silveira Brothers
Gustine, CA
DBL 30 Standard Parallel stall
Front Conversion

Washiyama Consulting
Installed in Japan
DBL 6 Individual Release

J & D Farmser
Abbotsford, BC CANADA
DBL 16 CIP cabinets
DBL 25 CIP cabinets

Turlock CA
DBL 24 Jersey Parallel
25” cow centers
Standard Stalls Cabinets
Single 12 Jersey Parallel
25” cow centers

Melrose MN
DBL 12 Low Profile
Delaval Conversion
DBL 8 Standard Stalls

Avila Dairy Equipment
Hanford CA
DBL10 Front Conversion

Total Dairy Service
Kewaunee, WI 54216
DBL 18 Standard Parallel

Hunter Haven Farms
Pearl City, IL
DBL 12 WFS Norbco
Front Conversion

Brookings Dairy Service
Arlington, SD
Dbl 24 exp. 32 Front conv.
Stand Stalls

Windy Ridge Dairy
DBL 10 add on
Standard Stalls
Standard Splash

Finger Lakes Dairy Service
Seneca Falls, NY
DBL 8 Standard Parallel

Advanced Dairy Systems
Spring Valley WI
DBL 12 Delaval Conversion
Standard Paralel

Champion Milking Systems
Albny, MN
DBL 12 Parabone
30” cow centers

Hills Supply
Canal Fulton, Ohio
DBL 12 Delaval Conversion

Mountain View
Enderby, BC CANADA
DBL 10 Herringbone
44” cow centers

Agro Modern
Nordhorn (Netherlands)
DBL 10 Boumatic Reel
Conversion Stand Parallel

Modern Dairy
Turlock CA
DBL 14 Standard Parallel

Kenneth Mueller
Hillpoint WI
Individual Indexing

Preston Dairy Equip.
Sparta, WI
DBL 10 WFS Conversion
Individual Release Stalls

Nankey Dairy
Highland WI
DBL 10 Standard Parallel

High Tech Dairy Supply
Allendale, MI
DBL 3 Add on

Hurtado Dairy
Wendell ID
2-DBL 20 Herringbone
Brisket Replacement
45” Cow Centers

Dairy Lane Systems
DBL 10 Standard Parallel
With cabinets
DBL 10 Parabone
30” cow centers
DBL 8Standard Parallel
30” cow centers
DBL 8 Boumatic Reel
Conversion Standard Parallel